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I've never hosted a bachelor party dancer before. What happens?

After you book your party, sit back and relax. The girls will arrive and need a room to get ready. You can check out our article on how to welcome your dancers. They will come out in their sexy outfits, set up the music and get ready to rock. They start out paying special attention to the man of the hour. Each dancer has a unique set of games and special moves they will demo on the party guy and the guests as well. How many of their games and exotic treats they will show will depend upon how generous you and your guests are. The bigger the bill, the bigger the thrill and the longer the dancers will perform.
Perhaps you will be able to persuade the girls into doing a full on interaction with each other! This show involves girls who not only kiss other girls and like it but they bring props too. This is the two girl interactive show that made us notorious and that you will never forget. I can't give you explicit details but it's that shocking show that you heard about; the one that your pals are still talking about. Your friends will let you in on the secret!

Our exotic dancer shows take it all off! The shows average about 1.5 to 2 hrs depending upon the crowds tipping and participation. We have plenty of Charlotte Strippers, we don't book back-to-back shows , never rush and always give a all out VIP Performance! Have no fear the Charlotte super strippers are here to help you throw an event you can remember without regrets.

Your bachelor party experience

Two Girl Shows

If you are ready to experience the wild side of two hot Charlotte strippers , this is definitely the show for you. Two playmate strippers will taunt, tantalize and tease the guest of honor at your bachelor party at the same time
These girls show up ready to rock and roll! They start off by humiliating the guest of honor and then they work him over a little bit depending on his willingness to be a good sport. The level f audience participation will determine that duration of that part of the show this generally goes on for about five to ten minutes, by the time they're done working him over they are wearing nothing but their shoes and are ready to spend some time with the rest of the guests. When they get ready to hit the crowd be prepared for lap dances that will blow you away. You will never get service like this at the Charlotte strip clubs!

Reserving your entertainers

We get last minute requests all the time, but if you are looking for someone in particular the more notice you can give us the better. Please have alternates chosen as well. You can email us to book or contact us at 704-469-2324. To book we need your name and contact number, the date of the event and the time you want the dancers to arrive. Also the address of the location and an alternate contact phone for that evening.

How do we pay the dancers?

The dancers will require the fee in full in cash when they arrive. Cash only! No exceptions.

What is the minimum guest requirement.


There will need to be at least 4 people attending. We do not do one on ones!

Do we need to tip the entertainers?

Absolutely! The more you tip the more fun you have! The bigger the bill the bigger the thrill.

Please treat your dancers with respect!

Yes, they are strippers, they take it all off and do crazy things. However that doesn't mean you can treat them anyway you want! Entertainers will end their performance and leave the premises if they feel they are being threatened or harassed by any party guest. Under these circumstances, payment will not be refunded. As the party host it is your responsibility to make sure that your guests treat the entertainer with respect.

Can we take photos/videos

Dancers may not be videotaped or photographed without their permission. Please ask first. Some dancers don't have a problem with party guests taking pictures, but it's very important that you ask first. 

Party planning for your Charlotte bachelor party

By Charlotte Strippers 101 04 Feb, 2016
  1. Full nude entertainment! Charlotte gentlemen's clubs are great if all you're looking for is an overpriced topless air dance. Charlotte only has topless bars; we just are not like Atlanta yet! If you are searching for something more audacious and crowd pleasing then having naked strippers direct to your location is the best way to make your bachelor party one to be remembered.
  2. Cheap drinks! It's far less expensive to drink at home than it is to buy drinks at a strip club. Because of the scenery strip clubs in Charlotte will often raise the price of their drinks double to triple what you can get at a local bar or restaurant. $8.00 for a beer and $12.00 for a watered down mixed drink? The hell with that. Wouldn't  you rather spend that money on a full nude lap dance?
  3. Your living = the vip room. How cool is that? The Vip rooms at strip clubs in Charlotte are expensive and lame. Often you will get dances that barely qualify as lap dances; it's really just a way to get more money out of you while providing the same service you would get outside of the vip. In addition most clubs record whats going on in surveillance videos. Not something you want caught on film? Then have the girls come to you instead. 
  4. Party in the comfort of  your home or a friends home. Try  putting your feet up on the table of a strip club. I dare you. It's just more chill and intimate when you can share your experience with friends and not everyone at the club.
  5. Don't drink and drive! That certainly goes without saying. It's the quickest way to go to jail which will ruin your bachelor party. Sure you can rent a party bus or another vehicle but it's expensive! Why spend that money on transportation when you can use it to get the kind of bachelor party experience you will never get at a lame club? 
  6. Amazing lap dances!  The lap dances you will get from a Charlotte stripper at your home will blow away what you can get at a club! You can't get full contact lap dances at a gentlemens club because of local ordinances but you can order girls to come to your party and give you and your friends amazing dances that you would never be able to experience had you gone to a strip club for your bachelor party.
  7. No crazy bouncers! We know they are a necessary with large crowds and all, but some of these guys are nuts. If you've ever worked at a strip club - I know you haven't be I have! - you will find many guys in strip club security are usually some total nut with anger management issues. What if you piss off one of the girls in the club - and it's pretty easy to do. Are you prepared to tip every girl in the club? If not then you will run the risk of a girl you are not interested in getting dances from complaining about you to the bouncer. Then boom, you and your friends are out the door. 
  8. Cover charges can add up. Don't think you are just going to coast into a club and look at topless girls for free. There is always a cover charge and when you have a group of guys it really adds up. For the cost of getting 10-15 guys into a strip club you can order one full nude stripper in Charlotte, NC to come to your place and really throwdown. When you add the cost of drinks - see reason #2 - you will find that having the girls do the party at your place is far less expensive. And safer too - see reason #5 for more info.
  9. Have it your way. Strip clubs have so many rules! Don't touch the girls, mandatory  minimums for lap dances,  no smoking, and many more. Plus you have to listen to some crappy techno music that the club dj likes to play. Do you think you can see two amazing and hot strippers in Charlotte clubs get together and kiss each other? Touch each other? Use adult toys on each other? Choose the music you want to hear? Hell no that's not going to happen. It's the same lame show  and horrible music you can see any night. But a bachelor party is a special once in a lifetime event. You need full nude entertainment and party games that involve whipped cream and body shots.  When you go all out and throw an epic party with girl girl shows at your place  you can have it your way. 
By Charlotte Strippers 101 05 Jan, 2016
In the beginning stages of planning your bachelor party in Charlotte, the first thing you may think of are strippers and strip clubs; after all what is a bachelor party with out stripping hotties? Boring that's what. And you must never be known as the guy who plans boring parties. It's time to make a decision; do you want to go to a strip club in Charlotte or do you want to have private party strippers come to you? Let's talk about the strip club route.
By Charlotte Strippers 101 04 Dec, 2015
Have you booked your strippers in advance? Smart move! Most guys wait till the last minute. Since you gave the agency notice you were able to get the time slot you wanted. Now that time has arrived and the sexy Charlotte strippers you ordered are at your door. What you do now has a big effect on the success of your party. Sure these girls are bachelor party professionals but think about. You are a hot girl at the house of strange guys. What could go wrong. Lots! Not with your party of course. Because you know what to do to help the girls feel at home and not think they are in a room full of misogynistic psychos. If you don't know, read on and find out how to make sure that everyone has a great time. 
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